Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Short Week!! :D

I am so excited for this week to be completely over!! It's such a short week for me and I can't wait till it's over!!! I only have to work Monday through Wednesday and I get to take off Thursday and Friday and all of next week!! :D :D :D Andy and I are taking off because we're going on an Alaskan Cruise starting on Sunday!! It'll be such a nice get away and I think it will be greater than any honeymoon we could have planned for after the wedding. :)

After a week of pondering over a new car, Andy and I bought one. We spent a little bit of money on an used 2001 Mazda Miata. It was in a very good shape with a small ding on the side and not too much miles added on. We saw a couple before this one, and we decided that this was the best one and the best color too. What do you think of it?

It's a stick shift car that I can't drive completely with confidence. I've recently learned how to drive stick shit. I've had hard time starting the car and also just not to get completely frustrated with this stupid driving. I hope I get better with this.

Work has been extremely frustrating and completely tiring. I've been trying my hardest to finish the steps in this project I've been working on. I've stayed later than my 9 hours most of the days in the last 2 weeks. I still feel completely un-accomplished. It doesn't help that I'm treated the way I do. Merits or not, I don't appreciate feeling accomplished and then being completely shot down with the way I've done things. I just hope that it gets better with this nice long enjoyable break.

I've recently just sent out my package for the crafty detective swap. I tried a couple of new things for this swap that I'm very proud of. The first thing is this recycled ATC (artistic trading card). I used scraps from a dictionary and a lot of paint.

I also made some socks that Jenicat had on her wist. I'm amazed that they fit her so well! The last time I made socks they were so huge that Andy could wear them over shoes!!

Last thing that I'm really proud of is the elephant art quilt. I've always wanted to make one and I didn't know how or what to make. My sewing skills are not the greatest, but I love how this turned out!

Can't wait for this week to be over and be on a real vacation!!!


olive you xo said...


you're so amazingly creative! i love those socks and the quilt is so adorable...I want to make a quilt! lol

sweet car, i can totally imagine you driving w/ the top down on the free way..lol

i hope you had a good weekend!

kiSskiSsAngela said...

just be careful when u drive... for u being quite an aggressive driver.. LOL.
but totally cool car! and man, i'm so excited for you cruise too! take tons of pics!

minkiebuzz said...

Hey, I hope you have good time on your vacay :D