Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend Food Adventure: The City Yogurt and Beyond Bread

This weekend Andy and I was able to try two new places in Tucson: The City Yogurt and Beyond Bread

Beyond Bread is a local Tucson restaurant.  It's a casual place where orders are taken at the register and then the food is brought to you.  They specialize in sandwiches (especially the breads) and desserts. 

Andy and I ordered the specials of the day, which was the chilled Gazpacho soup and the Turkey Cranberry sandwich.  The price overall wasn't too bad because both portions were large.  The sandwich had plenty of meat and cranberry on it.  Although the gorgonzola cheese was delicious, I felt that it overpowered the sandwich a bit.  The soup was good.  It had nice flavors and a great tang. 

The next place we visited was a new frozen yogurt place - The City Yogurt.  It is actually on the South side of town which was so much closer to where Andy and I lived.  They had only been open for 3 days when we visited and was still fixing up some last minute stuff.  They had plenty of flavors to choose from and plenty of seating.  The other great thing is their prices is a little bit cheaper than that of BTO and Tutti Frutti.
We definitely will be visiting again.  I love frozen yogurt!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Risky Business

The Good: Great menu at good prices. Great atmopshere.
The Bad: Can't think of any

Andy and I visited Risky Business last night for a friends birthday. We haven't been to this restaurant in over a year, so it was like trying something completely new.

We had a hard time deciding what to eat. They had a great selection of food at decent prices. Being on a diet, I chose the shrimp salad and Andy chose mussels from the appetizer menu. We also shared an caramel apple martini.

The mussels were delicious. They had a great mix of spices and the broth was delicious. He finished the rest of his bread with dipping it in the broth. The salad was great with all the feta, corn, avocado, and sun dried tomatoes.

Lastly, the drink was fantastic. There was enough alcohol that I got a slight buzz. The flavors came through and it was hard to not order another.

Being a local restaurant, we will definitely visit again especially since there are four locations in Tucson.

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BTO Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

The Good: Lots of flavors.  Big and Bright Area
The Bad: Not many choices for fruity flavored yogurt.  Not very convenient location

Andy and I have been really into frozen yogurt.  We heard about BTO Self Serve Frozen Yogurt recently from a friend and wanted to try it out. 

BTO was very similar to Tutti Fruitti in Park Place Mall.  BTO had 14 different flavors, such as  cookies and cream, cake batter, and regular vanilla.  BTO also had a large selection of toppings such as fruits, sweets, and sauces. 

The place was nice and bright and has very cool decor.   It was pretty busy when we went there.  We saw kids, adults, and lots of students. 

Andy and I tried a lot of flavors:
  • Peach
  • Raspberry
  • Dulce De Leche
  • Gnutella
  • Taro
  • Swirl of cake batter and cookies and cream

There were a lot of flavors that looked delicious.  One of the nice options was that you could get a swirl of flavors, which was not an option at Tutti Fruitti. 

Overall, the place was great.  The flavors were great and we like the atmosphere of the place.  We will most likely visit Tutti Fruitti more because it's more convenient for us and it's in Park Place Mall. 

We definitely will be visiting again especially if we're in the university area.  :)