Thursday, April 30, 2009

Some Random Tid Bits About Me At Work

Websites I Like to Visit:
  • This is honestly one of the better sites for celebrity gossip. Perez updates his posts regularly and timely as soon as the gossip comes out. True or not, it will be there. He also takes the time to make his posts interesting. A lot of other entertainment news sites, such as TMZ, links to his blog.
  • This is probably what I do most when I get home. I go to Craftster to swap goodies. I don't post many crafted items as they usually get posted in the swap forums. I like going here also for ideas on crafts and also to get inspiration on what next arts and crafts I should try
  • This site has almost everything that you need for "window" shopping. Since I don't usually know who's coming to Tucson for concerts, I usually come here because there are always scalpers here. It is also a great place to find animals that need to be rescued/re-adopted, granted a lot of people try to sell their bred puppies. I've started looking at cars here too, but in all honesty, I can seem to bring myself to spend 20 grand on a used car, whether it's a BMW or not. Other things that I browse include jewelry, arts and crafts supplies, and free stuff. You may never know what goodies may come!
While At Work:
  • I tend to drink a lot of water. This is good for me as I tend to avoid water at home. I don't know why. I guess I like the taste of those big jug bottled water. We have filtered water at home too. I think I'm just missing the sweetness of juice while at work.
  • I think this next thing stems from college. I like to walk around the meeting rooms a little after lunch time to see if I can score some free food. I hate preparing lunch and usually what I bring can last another day in the refridgerator. I'm generally the only girl that does this among a lot of males. As pathetic as this may sound, it's a good way to take a break from my working day.
  • I listen to music. Although I have many albums on my Ipod, I tend to just listen to a couple till I get really sick of them and then I will try other ones. Sometimes I end up looking at what's the deal on Amazon's MP3 download site. There have been some pretty sweet deals I've gotten, for example:Fallout Boy's Foliex Duex for 99 cents on the day of release.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Busy Busy!!

Since getting married, life has been pretty hectic both at work and at home. There's been so many days between March 21st and now that I wish I could just sit at home and be nothing but a boring housewife, but then I remember that I like earning and spending my own money. I don't have to depend on another person and I can contribute equally to bills and stuff like my husband.

Work seems to be on hyper mode right now as I'm still trying to complete this project. It seems like since I took that break to get married, I feel like I've been behind ever since. I've worked much longer hours than I did before and actually feel like I've completed more too. Do I feel accomplished, not really. I feel more overwhelmed than before, and honestly, I feel like I've taken on more responsibilities than I should be, all thanks to a "wonderful" supervisor.

I've had to work some long hours lately due to the numerous dentist appointments I have. I've learned my lesson this time to not avoid the dentist every year as I had to pay for it this year because they found 6 cavities in my mouth, 1 of which needed a root canal. Granted it's not fun sitting in a chair and hearing drills going on in your mouth, it's actually a good time to get away. The dentist I see has TVs in their rooms and it's a great way to relax especially if I'm taking off work. Don't get me wrong here, I don't enjoy the numbness or the throbbing that goes on in my mouth, but it's nice to get away and be able to shut your eyes and think about nothing. And to all those that are scared of a root canal, there is nothing to be afraid of. I honestly think it was a lot easier and less painful than the 4 cavities done. The other thing that should be remembered is that specialists do root canals. These people generally are better than regular dentists who do cavities as they probably had to go to school longer.

I've been pretty busy with Craftster swap again, although I was trying to limit myself on them because I wanted to start an Etsy. It's so hard to as there are a few swaps that I am so very fond of and a lot of new ones that I always like to try out. Recently, I've started getting into a lot of paper crafts and collecting random pictures and stuff. It's really amazing how people can create beautiful artwork from recycled papers and magazines. I won't be posting any pictures in case someone from my swaps are reading this so that I don't ruin any surprises.

Andy and I had a lot of fun at the Pima County Fair this past weekend. We saw a lot from farm animals to demolition derby. I wanted to see Bret Michaels in concert, but the concert area was jammed back by the time I got there. Music sounded great though. We also went to a pig race and the weird side show with lots of weird things.

Other random tid-bits: my tomato plant is in full bloom. Some of them are starting to turn red. The green bell pepper tree is doing great. Most likely I will have a ton of them by the time summer ends. The jalapeno plant is still going with two flowers. I hope that more will grow.

Monday, April 20, 2009

There Must Be Something In the Air...

I've tried to be nice to people around work and honestly, I give up. I smile at people that smile back at me, but not anymore. I'm going to growl and snarl and glare because I've had it with people here at work.

I've gotten my lunch taken because I put it in the public refrigerator. It wasn't labeled but I didn't think people would take food out of the fridge that they didn't put in, but I was wrong. Today I find out that people have come into my cubicle and taken pop directly off my desk. Do people not have some sort of self respect around here?? Gosh...

Next thing I know that's probably is going to happen is stuff is going to disappear from my drawers and then I'm really going to have to report to someone. This is absolutely absurd!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Business Travel Trip - Day 2

Today was my first full day of work away from work. Honestly, I've never enjoyed work more than I did today. It wasn't super stressful nor was I feeling completely lazy and not wanting to do work.

I woke up refreshed and had a good breakfast here at the hotel. The waffle machine that I got to use totally reminded me of college. It was so delicious having fresh waffles with bananas and syrup. :D

We got to try a couple of local eateries for both lunch and dinner. They were both very delicious and I hope that I get to try more tomorrow.

I need to remember to bring my camera tomorrow. I really miss some cool picture ops near the waters when we went to dinner. It's amazing how awesome of a view it really is. Granted, it is just water, but when you live in Tucson, boats, trees and oceans are very pretty views. The houses here are also quite a view too. Massachusetts is really quite a treat to see. There's so many cool looking houses, old factories, and very pretty structures.

I hope tomorrow will be quite as nice as today. :D :D :D

Monday, April 6, 2009

Business Travel Trip - Day 1

I was assigned to go to Boston this week for work. Initially I was a bit scared at first to go because I was told I needed to be the expert because no one else was going to be there. I was warned that I couldn't mess up.

I was then excited after I had practiced what I was going to do on my trip. I have never been to Boston and I was excited to get seafood. It's so hard to get good seafood in Tucson.

The weather got progressively worse as I flew closer and closer to Boston. It was cold and dark when I left Tucson because it was so early. When I got to Chicago, the weather was cold. I saw snow on top of the roofs as my plane slowly descended into Chicago. I was glad that I didn't have to leave the comfort of the gate I arrived in. Although I was riding the same plane, I got off because I wanted something to eat and I needed to use the internet. I'm glad I did because I think that I would have gotten stir-crazy in the plane.

Next flight was from Chicago to Boston. The flight wasn't bad. During the first flight, I slept through the drink cart going by. This time I woke up just in time cuz the cart had just passed my row but the steward saw me wake up and let me have a Pepsi. :D I pretty much knit the rest of the flight because this flight was shorter than the last. The weather was extremely wet when we landed. I got my bag and proceeded my way to find a way to get to the rental car place. They don't make it easy here at the Boston airport but I managed to find it after I see a bus go by when I head out to the curb where it was rainy.

I had a bit of a difficulty getting out of the rental car place. I was trying to find a place to stop so that I could read the directions a bit, but I had no luck. I just kind of kept driving and during the stops of rush hour, I typed in my address. I took a wrong turn initially, but the GPS mmanaged to get me in the right direction. I had to pay 1 toll which wasn't too bad, but I do wonder if I had gone the right way, would I have had to pay it? Oh well.. Along the drive to the hotel, I think I drove through the most tunnels ever in one hour. There were so many merges and tunnels after tunnels, I was worried I was lost because the GPS kept losing its signal. After getting out of Boston, the drive wasn't too bad. There was a couple of really slowed down areas, but overall not too bad. The rain didn't stop at all and I was somewhat wet when I finally got into my room.

I've been able to slowly relax tonight after reading my work email and answering them. I'm enjoying free cable and free internet. I'm getting channels now that I don't get at home. The downfall is that I have to watch commercials. I got to have some pretty good dinner from a mexican restaurant close to the hotel. Overall it's not too bad, I hope that my first work day tomorrow will go good tomorrow.

Lastly, I'd like to post a picture from this past weekend. We got a new cat for Boba. The new cat is orange and was named Yaz, which we renamed Mango/Psycho. He's "Psycho" when he can't stop meowing or walking/running around the house.

Initially, the cats did not get along. Boba was very hesitant to be nice. Boba kept hissing and swatting at Mango till Mango and Boba got into a fight on the 2nd day we had Mango. Mango was pretty much locked up into a room till Boba finally relaxed and stopped hissing at everyone. We got Boba to be comfortable around Mango's door and decided the next day they needed to be together, which quickly happened when Mango figured out how to get out of the room he was in. Story short, the cats are doing good now. They wrestle a lot and sleep a lot. They don't do any kind of snuggling yet, but I'm sure that will be happening soon.

Mango is a much more rambuncious cat than Boba is. He gets on all the counter and into every nook and cranny that is opened to him. We figured out this weekend that he can get to the high shelves near the entry way. We figured this out when we found some stuff on the floor that was on the high shelf. We solidified this fact when we saw him up there as shown in the picture.