Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Summary

It's been a while since I updated, I thought I'd write a post about my weekend. It was only a two day weekend, so a lot of it was devoted to sleep. :)

Andy and I went to see an comedy improv. show at a local bookstore. Going into the show, I must say that I wasn't expecting much but I was totally wrong. Their whole show was very similar to Drew Carey's "Who's Line is it Anyways"? I was laughing so hard that I lost was coughing a ton a the end.

Not a whole lot happened during the day. We woke up around 9-10 am, then we had some food and played some video games, then we took a nap. LOL We went to Jo-Ann's, Walmart, and Best Buy. We got Rock Band 2.
We also donated some more stuff to the Saver's.
During the night we went to Indiana Jones at the Loft Cinema. It's really nice cuz we've been lucky to get free tickets. It was cool that they were playing Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, which I hadn't seen. I have completed all of Indiana Jones since dating Andy. I think the next tasks he wants me to do is watch all Star Wars and learn stick shift. We'll see how much longer it takes till these are done. :P

Sunday-Laziest day of all
We didn't do anything but eat and play Rock Band 2. I do have to say that it got better than the first version, especially with the increase in number of songs.
We had salmon burgers from Trader Joe's. Yum! and Cheap!
I started working on big items for a swap. It doesn't look like anything right now because it's just a flat piece. I will post pictures when things are assembled and it's more recognizable.

Randomness of the day -
Here's my current favorite picture of Boba, my cat :


Friday, October 17, 2008

On my day off...

After two weeks of extremely long days at work, I finally got a day off to myself. My plans for today, Friday, was to sleep in and be extremely lazy. It was definitely broken by no one but Boba, my kitty. He was so hyper. He kept scratching the bed. He kept running around. I couldn't fall back asleep. We woke up around 7 AM.

Although I woke up kind a bit grumpy, the day got a ton better. I was able to catch up a lot on my swaps. I sent out one package today. Here are my products:

Here are some various candy corns.

Here's some bunnies.

Here are two characters from Totoro.

Aside from crafts, I've done a lot of other stuff this month. Let's see...

There was Oktoberfest. Here's the only picture I took from then:
It was actually quite boring in my opinion. They did not have a lot of options for beer. All they had was St. Paulie girl that they poured out of bottles. Half of the things to do there was for kids. I guess it's a one time deal, and most likely I will never go again.

Another event that we went to this month is Club Crawl. This was actually quite interesting. Although the night did not start out too well, I had a ton of fun. We were able to enjoy a lot of different local music. One of the funniest thing I saw was this:
This guy danced like Ricky Martin but he was much shorter and much chubbier. Apparently there's a club crawl in Spring time, which we will try to go. Hopefully it will be much warmer this time around.

After a long time, I am now finally sleeping on a bed that is not on the floor. Andy insisted on it for a very long time. We were going to use his car to move, but due to his antenna, we ended up using my car. It took us a few trips to move his entire bed, and my bed out of the apartment. Here's an action shot of me unraveling the rope around the bed that is on top of my car :D :

Lastly, the greatest thing we did was see High School Musical, The Ice Tours. Although we were surround by kids, I had a lot of fun. I love the songs and the storyline and the characters. I am definitely excited for HSM3. :) :) :)

Wildcats Basketball!

Troy and Gabriella singing their first duet.

Last song in HSM1
Work This Out!
Skaters waving at the crowd

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Work Rant

I give up with people at work. If I don't have to work with them, if I've never talked to them on a personal level, I will never be nice to them anymore. I'm going to be a b*tch to them. My tolerance can't take anymore. Here's my reasoning:

When I first started working here, I noticed that there was a major difference in atmosphere between here and where I've worked previously in other cities. I thought that maybe it was because I was new and people didn't know me. I tried my best to smile and say hi to everyone, but I noticed that I 99% of the time, I didn't get a smile or anything in return. I either got the dirty glare of death back or the fake look away. A smile and/or a hi does not mean I'm hitting on you. Seriously, most of the people here are fat, old, bald, or a combination of them. Would anyone in their 20's really go for some guy like that??? STRIKE 1

Aside from this whole no-acknowledgement, other things really urk me about people here. Growing up, I always thought it was polite to hold the door for anyone behind you if they're are close, whether it's boy, girl, man, or grandma. Apparently that's not true here. STRIKE 2

Around here, many lunch meetings take place, and a lot of the times, there are left over food. Usually, the leftover food will be placed outside with plates and stuff. It doesn't go bad because it will usually disappear within 10 minutes or so. Yesterday during my lunch meeting, we had boxed lunches. I took one of the boxed lunches with the intentions of eatting it today. To my surprise, it was gone. I know I should have probably labeled it, but it's not like I go and take people's lunches in the fridge. From now on, I'm never putting anything in there. STRIKE 3 AND I'M DONE!!!!

No matter how old some people are these days, they don't change. They were and will always be complete pieces of sh*t that don't give a damn about other people.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick Update

Work has been going alright. I'm still chugging away on my current project. I spent the last couple days trying to work through stuff that I probably should have learned at school. But heck, who really remembers or uses what they actually teach in school? I think tomorrow I can get back on track with this project and hopefully move forward.

One of the things that I've gotten into recently is seeing free movies, whether their old or new. Andy and I have been getting lucky in obtaining free tickets to see older movies at a cool theater in town. Also, after seeing Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, I've been able to sign up for chances to see pre-screening of new movies. Although, they don't show as many movies here as they do in Phoenix, I do enjoy a free movie here and there.
Today we saw SexDrive. Here's the movie poster for it, I think. It's what they have on IMDB

Anyhow, the poster doesn't really say much for the movie. I really didn't think I would enjoy this. I have to say though that I did. It was cute and very funny. It is also one of those perverted movies that I see to like. LOL. I'm sure many people probably are surprised by that last comment, but hey, honesty is the best policy.

This month I have screenings to a few more movies that I'm sure are going to be pretty good, I'll be sure to give my 2 cent input on them.

I finished the scarf that I put pictures of in my last post. Since then, I have started another one. I have also started working on a pumpkin. Hopefully they all turn out good. Pictures will be posted once they are done.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's been a while since I've really blogged. I don't know really know how likely I will though. I tend to go through a lot of stages of blogging.

My life definitely has gotten a ton better ever since Andy has moved here. I do really try a lot more now to have a positive outlook on life.

Work has definitely gotten better. I have a pretty decent project that keeps me pretty busy.

I've been pretty busy with my craft swaps. I'm currently in 4 swaps. This is one of my favorites that I received recently:

I am currently working on this scarf for a swap:

Blast from the past:

Andy in front of the Projekt Revolution tour bus in Dallas, Texas. It was a very good time. :)