Monday, June 29, 2009

Quilting Classes

I'm excited for my work day to end today. I signed up for two quilting classes at Hancock's fabric. They are back to back.

The quilt that I will be making is suppose to mimic a stained class. The theme I've gone with is starry night. I just made up a name. I've chosen colors that are of the rainbow. The patterns of the fabric are of stars and other things that remind me of the sky. I think it'll be pretty and I'm really excited for the class. :) I just hope that I can find all the other stuff that I need for today before the class.

I've been working on a knitted project for a swap. I really am enjoying how it's turning out. The colors I've chosen really work well. :)

I've noticed that I tend to cook a lot more on the weekend. I think I ran my dishwasher at least 3 times this weekend completely full. I enjoy cooking. I think I would enjoy going to cullinary school, but what would I do with it? Hrmm...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday...

I've noticed that Mondays are very useless to me. I usually come into work really tired cuz I don't go to bed on time on Sunday night. I'm too confused and not focused too. I enjoy my weekends, but who doesn't? :)

Crafts has been keeping me pretty busy. Things on my que:

1. Making my own poppet. I've gotten two of three of these in a swap and I totally love them! They're pretty much stuffed dolls that you can dress up and make stuff for. The original creator of it is ghilie on Right now I have 2 legs finished. I have one arm that is sewed and just needs to be stuffed. The rest of the doll is not cut out yet.

2. Knitted item for a swap. I don't want to ruin the surprise, so no details now. I will post pictures once the swap has been completed.

3. Trying out my the walking foot on my sewing machine. I signed up for 2 quilting classes this summer that required a walking foot. I've never used one before but I'm excited for the different possibilities. :)

4. Figure out how to get my house to look more presentable and color-coordinated. This will definitely take forever!

So, it looks like I have a pretty busy summer ahead of me but it'll all be good and worth it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swap Slow Down

I've decided that I am going to slow down a bit on Craftster swaps. I always seem to sign up for as many as possible, and honestly, I feel like I have no free time for my own personal things. I do enjoy crafting and making things for others, but recently, I feel that I just don't have time for things I want to do.

I will keep signing up for swaps, but I think now, I'm only going to sign up for 1-2 at a time and only try out the ones that really interest me and not just sign up for the sake of it. I've tried many different ones, and really there's only a handful that I would repeat.

I really want to start re-organizing our home and decorating it. I don't know how, I don't know when, but I want to. I think I'm going to start with the guest bathroom and go from there. If I mess up there, it won't be a big deal as it is the bathroom and nothing more.

I'd also really want to work on a quilt and a poppet. As to the quilt, I don't know what color or what size, but I definitely want to do one. They look like fun. Of course, I need to find space cuz right now my craft room is a mess. A poppet is a kind of doll. It's really popular on craftster right now. I've received 3 of them in swaps, but I really would love to make my own and add my own accessories. :)

Other random things I would like to do include starting my own Etsy store, making clothes, and getting better at my crafts.