Sunday, September 5, 2010

Vero Amore - Authentic Neopolitan Pizza

The Good: Delicious Food
The Bad: Small Restaurant for its popularity - fills up quickly.

The first time I came across Vero Amore was an ad on Facebook, which led me to their menu online.  The description of their pizzas sound delicious and I definitely wanted to try it out.  After getting a coupon from and hearing the great reviews from a couple of neighbors, Andy and I finally visited. 

We visited the Vero Amore on Swan.  The location was a bit on the smaller side and in the same vicinity as the Fry's supermarket.  The restaurant was pretty busy when we arrived.  We were quickly greeted at the door by a server and was told that there would be a wait unless we decided to sit at the window.  Since we were pretty hungry, we took the seats by the door.  Our server quickly brought us menus and waters. 

As told by the server, Vero Amore is the Tucson's only certified Neopolitan pizza restaurant.  They use homemade and homegrown ingredients.  The menu is not large, but it had a great selection of salads and pastas if you were not interested in the pizzas. 

We started with the Wood Fired Bread.   The bread came out warm and delicious.  The herb butter that went with it was to die for!

Our pizza came out a bit after we had finished our appetizer.  The pizza was delicious!  The cheese was nice and gooey.  The sausages were perfectly cooked.  The red peppers and tomato sauce were perfectly matched.  This all laid nicely on a solid pizza crust that you could pick up by your hand without worrying about everything falling on your lap, which is how pizza should be eaten!

The dinner ended with the most heavenly dessert I have ever tasted.  It was there homemade chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce.  Andy and I decided to opt out of the chocolate sauce because it probably would have been too much.  The chocolate chip cookie was freshly baked in the mini iron pan.  About two scoops of vanilla ice cream was on top of the cookie and it was melting fast!  The combination of the hot freshly baked chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream was so good that I had to stop myself before ordering another one. 

Overall Andy and I had an enjoyable time at Vero Amore.  We will definitely be visiting again to try other pizzas on the menu.   I would suggest to try this place at odd hours because Vero Amore is quite popular and fills us quickly during lunch and dinner hours.