Wednesday, April 14, 2010

IYP 15 Queen Size Quilt

I've decided that I would change up my blog a little bit. Instead of just food, I want to write about my crafts because there's been a few things I've done recently that I'm really proud of.

I made this quilt for a Craftster swap - IYP15. My partner was seeking a quilt and I quickly jumped to this opportunity because I never start and finish a project for myself and I was really in the quilting mood. The project quickly became a bit horrific when she asked for a queen size one. The only ones I've done are lap size and I wasn't sure if I could quilt a queen size quilt with my brother sewing machine.

Things took a while, but I did manage to finish a queen size quilt that I hope she will treasure. This was really hard to give away, but I am glad it found a good home.