Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Quick Update

Work has been going alright. I'm still chugging away on my current project. I spent the last couple days trying to work through stuff that I probably should have learned at school. But heck, who really remembers or uses what they actually teach in school? I think tomorrow I can get back on track with this project and hopefully move forward.

One of the things that I've gotten into recently is seeing free movies, whether their old or new. Andy and I have been getting lucky in obtaining free tickets to see older movies at a cool theater in town. Also, after seeing Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, I've been able to sign up for chances to see pre-screening of new movies. Although, they don't show as many movies here as they do in Phoenix, I do enjoy a free movie here and there.
Today we saw SexDrive. Here's the movie poster for it, I think. It's what they have on IMDB

Anyhow, the poster doesn't really say much for the movie. I really didn't think I would enjoy this. I have to say though that I did. It was cute and very funny. It is also one of those perverted movies that I see to like. LOL. I'm sure many people probably are surprised by that last comment, but hey, honesty is the best policy.

This month I have screenings to a few more movies that I'm sure are going to be pretty good, I'll be sure to give my 2 cent input on them.

I finished the scarf that I put pictures of in my last post. Since then, I have started another one. I have also started working on a pumpkin. Hopefully they all turn out good. Pictures will be posted once they are done.

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