Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cruise Journey - Blog #1: Wine Tasting On a Cruise

So I don't know how long I can remember everything that has gone on at the cruise, but I will try to post about everything that we did.

One of the things we did on the cruise was a wine tasting. The price per person was actually not too expensive and we came away with a shot glass with the cruise logo on it. The other nice thing was that kids weren't allowed to attend. I'm not saying I don't like the kids, but it was nice to just have a normal conversation without one of the kids going "Look! Look! Look!"

We got to taste 5 different types of wines. 2 of them were white ones, 2 of them were dark ones, and one was a sparkling one. My favorite one was the sparkling wine, but I think that's mostly cuz I like my girly drinks. LOL! The others weren't bad at all. They all had a great flavor to them, and the part that surprised me the most was that they didn't have a bad after taste. Also, I didn't feel drunk or anything either. Maybe it has something to do with the price?? I don't know. Some pictures from the event:

Andy and I

Ceasar and Becky (Andy's Sister)

Tiffany and Curt (Andy's Brother)

Harvey and Roxie (Andy's Parents)

I seemed to have not taken a picture of Andy's other sister, Jenny, and her husband. :(
I'm sorry!!

This was a good experience for Andy and I because we usually don't like wine. The only good stuff we like are either Boone's Farm (which to most is not a wine) and White Zinfandel. We've also never been to any wineries before, but maybe this will change. Andy's sister suggested we should visit a winery that is close to Tucson. We will probably do that when Andy's parents come to town.

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