Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Fun Car?

So after a pretty stressful period of time, I finally feel that I'm back to myself a little bit.

Lately, Andy and I have been looking into getting a little fun car to drive. I blame this on one of our co-workers from work because he always is buying used cars and always selling them. The biggest thing is that he always finds the nicest car at a pretty decent price. They may be a bit on the older side of things, however, I personally don't think I would want to pay 50000 or more for a nice new car that I don't think I would drive just so that I can keep it pristine. Not to mention, the price for keeping it in good shape is probably way up high.

Anyhow, we decided that we would want to keep it on the cheap side. We've been looking at some Mazda Miatas. They've gotten really good rating and are more readily available. Andy really wanted one, and I just kind of wanted one because I rather be a passenger and I still can't quite drive stick shift. We found one that was in really good shape and decent price today. Andy tried out and found out that it was a bit small. Sitting in the car today really changed my mind, I think. It was perfect for me. I didn't feel too crammed nor did I feel like a lot of space was wasted. I think I've jumped the fence. I don't know!!! This would be a great incentive to drive stick. Don't get me wrong, I like my Camry, but it's old and a bit beaten up sorta. I don't know... AHHHH!!!

So here's a picture:

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