Friday, May 29, 2009

Cruise Journey - Blog #2: Ziplining in Ketchikan, Alaska

Our first excursion on the cruise was to zip-line in the rain forests of Ketchikan, Alaska.We got to spend some time in the city before our excursion, which was nice, although the city seemed more like a tourist attraction than a town that people live in most of their lives. There were a ton of jewelry stores. One of the biggest thing we regretted was not buying some alcohol in this city. It was so cheap. We thought that we would find the same cheap alcohol in other ports, but we were wrong. Oh well..I guess it is kind of a good thing because we don't want to become alcholics. :P

The ziplining was one of the most fun things ever. I was super excited for this excursion as I've never had the chance to do it. The other thing that probably made this so special was because it happened right on my birthday also. The ride to the course was quite different. We had to ride this rather high and oversized golf cart that got up to pretty fast speeds. It was quite bumpy but fun. It took a while to get the safety gear and talk, but finally the wait ended. It was such a beautiful view from the platforms from ziplines to ziplines:
The weather was really perfect. There was no rain and the sun was out. There were various lengths of zip lines. Here are pictures of some of the longer ones, it's really hard to tell where the end of the line was:

The bridge is where the end was. It's hard to see, but it's the lighter thing in the picture among all the green tree.

In the middle of the zip line course, there were some rope bridges that we needed to cross. I think these were a lot more scary because they swung pretty well. It was awesome to walk through them though because we were able to see some really cool things that were growing in the forest that we were zipping across.

It was extremely good day. Andy and I got to experience this with a nice group of people. Some pictures of us and the people we were with:

The group we zip lined with

Jasmine and Jo from Las Vegas

Me and Andy. I had to take this at a weird angle

Some action shots:
Here I am on the last zip line.

Here's Andy leaving a platform.

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