Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Garden at Home

Last year Andy and I bought three plants: tomatoes, green pepper, and jalapeno.  We kept the plants in three pots and just tried to water them daily.  The tomato did very well, but for some reason the jalapeno and the green pepper never seemed to bear any fruits.  The three plants ultimately died when we went on our cruise and they were not watered.  :-(

This year, we started a new garden.  Instead of having them in pots, we made a raised garden in our empty backyard.
There's a lot more plants than last year.  Andy and I are making sure these plants gets lots of water so they don't die.  Some of the plants already has some vegetables on it.  I just hope they grow more!  I am excited when I can just make salsa whenever I want to.  :-)

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