Monday, December 7, 2009

Strictly Tucson Phooson & On the Road To The North Pole

On Friday (December 4th), Andy and I attended Stricly Tucson Phooson, hosted by local radio DJs Johnjay & Rich.  There were four acts: Jason Derulo, Orianthe, Justing Bieber, and 3Oh3.  Overall, the concert was great.  I really enjoyed the variety of music there was and the venue it was in.  Unlike Phooson in Phoenix, the Rialto theater made the concert seem more personal.  Also, I was freezing my butt off either.  My only complaint about the concert was the young girls screaming for Justin Bieber, but I guess I really can't complain too much because I was 10 once.  :)  JohnJay and Rich held another great concert and it was all for a great cause - JohnJay and Rich Christmas Wish

On Saturday, we went to the local Gaslight Theatre and saw their winter show On the Road to the North Pole.  The show was spectacular.  I always enjoy the productions they put on at the Gaslight Theatre, but I really enjoyed this one especially because of the Christmas theme.  :)  Aside from the great Christmas numbers, they also had other entertaining tunes.  I also really enjoyed the 2nd musical act dedicated to Happy Days.  If you haven't been to Gaslight before, I really suggest to check it out!

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kisskissangela said...

i <3 Justin Bieber too... and I'm not 10. LOL