Monday, January 19, 2009

Camping Trip in Arizona

I had my first camping trip since I've been in Tucson. It was super hardcore since it was in a private cabin. :) I don't think I will be sleeping on mother earth quite yet. I really wish I took some pictures of the beautiful scenery that I drove by. It was so different than the view that I see everyday. The other really amazing thing that I saw up in the mountain was snow! It was very soft snow or anything, but it was still on the ground and the reason that it was strange was because it was 60-70 degrees at ground level.

This trip was for with a group of people from work. The weekend did not go too badly at all. I was really expecting it to go not so well due to the fact that I would have been away from Andy for the first time since he moved in and also not knowing these people that well. The only time I've ever really met these people were through some social events that I attended and really these were that great for socializing. This trip really help me get to know these people better and for them to know me. I wasn't super comfortable but I think I showed my true self a bit.

This trip really made me realize that I've grown up a bit since college. I don't really understand anymore why some people drink so much. Is it a way to loosen up and talk more freely? Is it the only way that they can have fun? I saw so much drinking from numerous people that it just made me uncomfortable. I chose not to drink because I didn't want to make a fool of myself nor give people the wrong impression of me. Apparently, by not drinking a lot I did give the impression that I gave people in high school, which was I'm a good little girl that doesn't know anything about the world and all the little boos boos in it. I guess it'll be more fun by surprising these people little by little or see if I can get them to tell me their dirty secrets and pretend to not know exactly what they're talking about.

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AlwaysInspired said...

Growing up is a great thing! I too have realized that over indulgence is dumb!

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