Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Snowed Today!!

So..I never really thought that this could happen since I moved to Tucson, but it did! It actually snowed last night like the weather channel predicted. Granted, I didn't see the 1 to 4 inches they were saying, but I did see residues of it. The proof is in the picture to the left.

We don't really have a garden that is in the ground quite yet as you can see in the background. Due to some other expenses we have going on right now, our backyard to lacking in the pretty department. Hopefully we'll have something nice by next year.

We're growing three different pots of vegetables. I'm really hoping that they work out because it would be awesome to have my own cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and jalapenos.

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AlwaysInspired said...

If you'd like some more snow I have roughly 60 inches that you can have! And they predict another 30 by April!