Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Man..I don't know what it is, but I have just been feeling crappy lately. It is the new year, shouldn't I be joyous and happy and all that bubbly crap?

I wish I got more sleep over Christmas. I feel like I have come into work these last 2 days completely drained and unmotivated to do anything. It probably doesn't help that I still feel very disconnected from the people I work with. The only real communication I have with anyone here is email, and honestly, that to me is the most pathetic thing in the world.

It's the new years, and of course, there is the traditional new year's resolution. Some people don't set goals, and I am including myself, while others just go waaaay too deep with them. It's one thing to set 1 goal, it's another thing to set 29 goals for the year of 2009. I also don't think it's really necessary to set stupid goals either, such as cooking a side dish for dinner. Don't most dinner have a side dish. Heck..I feel accomplished if I cook dinner. I usually come home so exhausted from work to do anything. To me, a better thing to do is to look back and see what I've accomplished versus what I will accomplish because one generally makes you feel better and one really is just a big downer. So, to end this on a good note, I will list the top 3 accomplishments of 2008:

1.) Set a wedding date
2.) Got a good paying job
3.) Bought a house

Maybe next year I'll remember more.

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