Monday, July 26, 2010

Tutti Frutti at Park Place Mall

I've never been much of fans of food courts at mall. Most of the time I feel they are over-priced for the quality I get. I'm not saying that they are bad but they are not something I would rave about. Today might be the change of my view though.
We noticed a new place in the mall. It was called Tutti Frutti and it was a serve yourself frozen yogurt place. Lately I've really enjoyed frozen yogurt because they are good and low calorie sweet treat.
This place had lots of choices of flavors. They had the traditional like vanilla and chocolate, but they also had very different flavors like taro and pineapple. Since it was self serve, we got five different flavors. They were all sooo good! We will definitely be visiting again. :)

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Anonymous said...

I recently discovered this little hole in the wall store and much to my surprise, they have some of the best frozen yogurt in town. I had a craving for it today and decided to call and ask what the flavors were. Much to my surprise, a very unpleasant woman answered, I asked what flavors they had and she kept asking what I was looking for....I said nothing in particular was just curious. I was told she was too busy to which I responded that I didn't think that was very good customer service then she proceeded to hang up on me. Upon callback, I immediately asked to speak with a manager, the same lady answered and told me she was the manager. I kept asking why it was so difficult to just read me the flavors. She proceeded to tell me she would not tell because other frozen yogurt places would copy them. I asked to speak to the owner, which of course she was also the owner as well. She spent almost 5 minutes yelling at me and telling me she simply didn't want to tell me without reason now.
I simply asked her if she was so did she have time to argue with me over something so petty? She told me she did not want customers like they do not want loyal customers who call to inquire what the flavors are in an act to potentially go give them more business. That is just ridiculous. I was hung up on and that was the end of the conversation. I utterly appalled by the behavior of this business and so-called manager/owner. If that is the case, they do not know how to treat customers.....if this is not the case. I would hope the owner would take appropriate action to said employee. I plan on filing an official complaint against this business. I cannot believe one simple question turned into this. I do not appreciate being treated that way, especially as a loyal customer. So disappointed. Don't give them any more business.