Friday, July 16, 2010

No Anchovies (870 East University Boulevard)

Andy and I were walking around campus area today. Dinnertime rolled around and we decided to stop at a bar/restaurant named No Anchovies. What really sucked us in was the "pizza by the slice" sign. We really enjoyed pizza by the slice while we were in New York and we can never say no to pizza. :)
When we walked in, we saw a good selection of premade gourmet pies. After some time we decided on three slices .- hawaiian, barbeque chicken, and margherita. For 11, we got so much food. The food was delicious. Each slice had great amount of toppings and the crust was delicious, perfect thickness and not soggy at all.
We will definitely try to come back again. There was plenty of seating area and the bar prices seemed pretty reasonable.
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