Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Birthday Celebration At Westin La Paloma Resorts

Yesterday was Andy's birthday. Initially what I wanted to do was take Andy somewhere to celebrate, but due to my procrastination, airline tickets were too expensive to really go anywhere. I decided to settle and take him to Westin La Paloma Resorts in Tucson.

 I had found a great package there that included Champagne when we arrived and breakfast the next day.  It wasn't badly priced and we were able to get away from our cats one night and enjoy each other's company. 

Weather was great on his birthday.  The sun was out.  It didn't rain, and there were no clouds.  Since we were able to stay out of the sun, it was very enjoyable to sit out on the balcony and eat dinner and drink champagne.  The view was also really beautiful.

We spent the rest of the evening out by the pool and hot tub.  The one thing I really liked about the La Paloma resorts was that they had a lot of pools.  They specifically designated some of the pools as adult pools.  It was great because there were no kids throwing balls and splashing randomly as they played.  I wish more hotels did stuff like that. 

Breakfast was wonderful.  The food was great, I didn't have to cook, and we got to sit outside.  :-)  I enjoyed a very delicious turkey, tomato, and mozzarella wrap with fruit.

We had a very great view while we ate also. 

Overall, the stay at the Westin was great.  It was a great way to celebrate Andy's birthday and enjoy a relaxing weekend before going to work.  We will definitely be doing this again.  :)

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