Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend Fun and Week to Come

July 4th weekend was great! It was nice that Andy and I were able to stay at home and enjoy the 3 day weekend. The weekends always feel like nothing and I never feel better on Monday. I know Mondays always suck, but today was not too bad. Granted, I am a bit tired, but it's not too bad today. I don't know if it has to do with the work that I must get done or lack of sleep, but I am feeling OK today. :)

I was able to get a bunch of crafting done. I was able to do knitting, quilting, and a bit of doll making/sewing. :) Everything is turning out pretty good. I'm hoping that I don't get behind in my swaps like I did last time. Things seem to be moving at a pretty good pace right now.

So TV has been a bit sucky lately. Most of the tv shows I watch have ended their season finale. Currently, there's only a couple that I really keep up with. Some of the shows I watch, I just do cuz I have nothing else going on that certain night. It will definitely change this week! :)

Big Brother 11 is starting this week!! I am super excited as the characters and theme looks really interesting. It will also be nice if the rumor is true that one (or a few) old house guest will be back this season. I definitely agree that the players look interesting and not all the females are dumb one with big boobs.

Here's Meet the House Guests with Julie Chen:

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