Monday, July 20, 2009

1st Attempt at Pastry Cuteness

So this weekend I decided that I would try something new. I found these wonderful instructions from Bakerella on how to make cupcake bites.

You can follow her blog here:
She has great recipes and instructions on other edible cuteness.

I've got all the ingredients I need except the cookie cutter. I thought I'd have it, but amazingly, I never got it during my cookie phase. I already have the balls rolled and in the fridge. I will start taking pics once they look a bit better than chocolate balls. I hope that my end products will look like Bakerella's:

Aside from being a pastry chef (J/K), I finished my big knitting project this weekend. Although I did mess up a little bit, I love the overall look of it. I forgot to take a picture of the finished projects, but hopefully the recipient of it in my swap will take a good. one.

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olive you xo said...


it's so funny that you like that website too! i love her creations they're so adorable..

cant wait to see the pix!